The company

Expertise in French wines
market experts

“Sélection Patrick Clerget”, a family wine trading company from Burgundy is firmly oriented towards export, has a track record of sustained growth in overseas markets and takes care of its importers/customers.

An expertise in grape growing, wine making and wine ageing, and a special relationships with wine producers, allows us to offer a wide and carefully selected range of products for all our customers, whether importers, distributors or retailers.

We sell our wines under the name “Patrick Clerget” and other signature brands, as well as Estate wines from our partners and we are also able to offer private and customized labels.
We export more than 2 million bottles per year to 25 countries worldwide.

Our expertise

  • French wine Export specialist

Our strengths

  • Market knowledge
  • Meticulous selection
  • Quality wines
  • Contact with producers
  • Customized services

Our Export offers

Located in Beaune and specializing in Burgundy wines, the Patrick Clerget family has skillfully established a unique business model through its collection of signature and Estate wines and offers a wide range of wines from regions throughout France.

Our Export markets

  • Europe
  • North and South America
  • Asia (Japan, China, Thailand, Taïwan, Singapore…)
  • India
  • Oceania
  • Africa

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